Yo Yo Bar & Restaurant, Shipley


I first knew of Yo Yo’s when they called up my office asking for some help with their website search visibility… I thought my luck was in, being able to combine the ‘day job’ with my passion for food & restaurants. Looking at their site, I was surprised I’d never heard of Yo Yo’s with it only being 10 minutes from my house, but when I started mentioning it to friends quite a few seemed to know about the place, a well kept secret it seemed! Sadly, nothing came of the work enquiry but it did prompt me to pay them a visit.

When we pulled up outside I could have been forgiven for thinking we’d ended up at the wrong place, completely over the top window display marketing and offers galore plastered floor to ceiling really makes it look like a chavvy diner and watering hole, like a Yates’s almost. But once we’d made it through the double doors and fought our way through every type of brightly coloured leaflet, flyer and poster they could throw at us, we were seated by a very friendly young waiter.

The menu is varied and separated by region so you can mix and match courses from China, Japan, Thailand & Malaysia! I admit I was dubious given that there was so much choice but was very soon put in my place, at the table enjoying a delicious starter of Japanese deep fried squid with a seriously fiery chilli dipping sauce. For my main course I was torn between a couple of things on the menu but with the help of our waiter (who like me seemed to be on the “spicier the better” team that evening), I opted for one of their newest additions, Malaysian chilli prawn curry with pandan coconut rice and it was pretty special. So hot, but fresh, clean and tasty to balance it. The highlight of this gorgeous dish was the accompaniments – cucumber, pineapple and red onion. When I mixed these with the juicy chilli prawns, it was an explosion of fresh, sharp flavours that combined to give a real taste of Malaysia, I don’t think I had anything as tasty when I travelled there!

My boyfriend and I were equally impressed with the food and agreed that the atmosphere of this Asian-fusion-restaurant-meets-party-venue was friendly, welcoming and relaxed. Having experienced the place, I think the over the top marketing could really work if they developed into a small chain. There’s nowhere else quite like it that I know of, with the same range, quality and value, they even gave us a 15% discount card for the entire bill on our next visit so we will definitely go back to sample some more regional Asian delights!

We ate:

Japanese deep-fried squid with hot chilli dipping sauce
Chinese duck tortilla wrap
Malaysian chilli prawn curry with pandan coconut rice
Thai chicken green curry

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