Urth Cafe


Cruising around LA last month, I took my friend Daniel’s recommendation and pulled our convertible red Mustang up outside Urth Cafe on Melrose Avenue.

The place to be seen, I’d recognised it from many an episode of Entourage, watching Vince and the boys talk about their latest female conquests over coffee and over-sized bagels and muffins.

It’s a cool spot in Hollywood, and celeb radars are on high alert – people look at people wondering who they are, what they do, and how much money they have… but the true show stopper at this cafe is not the militarily organised staff, not the street side location, it’s the food.

Everything about the food at Urth Cafe is just… better!

Better ingredients, better sizes, better portions, better colours, better flavour, healthier, heartier, smugger, stickier bagels, creamier cream cheese, fruitier jam, smokier & thicker smoked salmon, riper avocado – the list goes on.

Do not visit LA without treating yourself to sampling a few things on this delicious cafe’s menu!

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