Could I be a Vlogger?

It seems absurd for someone who can barely find time to wash their hair to even consider vlogging, doesn’t it? Surely vloggers have to be well put-together, genuinely happy and naturally beautiful people who just pretend their very busy lives of filming themselves gives them an anxiety that mums of newborns and teenagers want to empathise.

My first encounter with a vlogger was on YouTube about 5 years ago. I searched ‘smoky eye tutorial’ and a young but pretty makeup artist sat in front of her camera and blended, blended and blended some more. That girl was Tanya Burr. I was mesmerised by the eyeshadow blending technique she was demonstrating – I’d always wondered how it was done!

Then I got engaged, and of course she had by then moved on to wedding makeup tutorials and my obsession with vlogs started snowballing.

I’ve watched a lot of the big hitters: Tan (as she’s known by her mates – I’m her mate right?!), Hannah Maggs, Anna Sacone-Joly, Patricia Bright, Lydia Millen… and I’ve also studied back catalogues of lesser known mummy-vloggers such as Emily Norris.

Through each life milestone I’ve had in the last 5 years – getting engaged, choosing a wedding dress, getting married, getting pregnant, having a baby, buying / renovating / decorating a house, raising said baby – they have been there. They have been my lifeline. They have offered me advice, tips, tricks, hacks, laughs and an emotional connection to something at 11pm when I’ve been too busy that day to get in touch with actual human friends.

I’ve hit a cross roads. Life with a busy full time job, and a two year old has somehow morphed into ‘manageable’ and I’m finding myself craving some creativity back in my life. And I don’t mean finger painting and sticky pictures. I mean a new outlet, a way to express how I feel and find my old self in there SOMEWHERE! (I know she’s in there).

When I was on maternity leave, I discovered the Michalaks. Their videos are incredible, inspiring and absolute creative genius. Although I need low expectations of what I would be able to achieve given that my editing knowledge is currently at zero, and I don’t own a vlogging camera, I feel optimistic!

What sets them apart is that they have a clear agenda. They know why they are filming every day, they know how they want their videos to look and they know exactly what they like and what they don’t like about vlogging. They have a goal – to be film producers – and this pushes them forwards.

So what is my agenda? Do I want to help other mums find comfort when they just can’t work out how to fit all the hoovering into their daily routine? Not particularly. Do I want to showcase my cookery skills? No – I don’t like to talk whilst I cook! Do I just want to learn a new skill, see progression in something and capture some gorgeous moments with my son as he grows up? Yes.

Maybe vlogging isn’t for me. But blogging definitely feels good so why wouldn’t that be the natural extension? Perhaps I am better behind a keyboard. I have a face for radio and I don’t really like to talk all that much if I’m really honest! Does that rule me out of the game?


Perhaps, just perhaps, I could be one of the lucky ones who discovers a talent for making life look so much more amazing when you edit bits out…


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