Start A Herb Garden At Home


I have always been a huge fan of the flavour of herbs, but have only in the last couple of years or so started to understand how they need to be used and how to get the best from them…

Obviously fresh basil works with just about any pasta dish but pile it into your Thai green curry and it takes on a whole new force.

Likewise, if you find yourself dropping sticks of rosemary in with every set of Sunday roasties, try crushing up a bit of lemon thyme with mint and garlic for a more summary taste, and a great kitchen aroma!

Having bought and killed upwards of 10 basil plants in my cooking career, usually during my Sunday shop I’ll pick up a small selection of Morrison’s usual 2 for 1 £1 herb packets.

Last month though, when considering having another stab at the indoor herb garden, I had some passing advice from my Aunty, who mysteriously had a thriving basil plant on her window ledge: “Water it a little bit every day”…  So this is where I had been going wrong. Thinking I would drown such a delicate plant has led to a ‘drought = death’ situation on many a window ledge.

Not this time! No. I have committed to keep my basil plant alive. 3 weeks in it is doing splendidly. When I have plucked the leaves, new ones are growing back and the feeling of growing and cooking with one of my favourite flavours, on tap, is great!

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