Sea Bass Saturday


I haven’t written a blog for ages, but today I’m feeling particularly inspired. For over two years now I have been trying to get my other half on board with fish. No one fish in particular, just fish in general.

Despite so many knock backs with a definitive NO to my continuous requests – “darling just try a bit of this salmon”… “just try a tiny bit of this mackerel” – I have refused to believe that anyone can not like something they haven’t at least tried once! And so…during my weekend trolley dash at Morrisons yesterday, I decided to sneak in a fillet of sea bass and see if I could make another attempt to change his mind.

I did.

Maybe it was a bad experience from his youth, which is how most of us develop dislikes to certain foods. But now I know what it takes: fresh off the ice counter, I chose the meatiest, shiniest fillet of sea bass, which I consider to be a fairly subtle flavour.

I made a foil bag and placed the fish flat in the middle. A drizzle of extra virgin, squeeze of lime, salt, black pepper, small handful of basil, 2 slices of ginger and 2 dried kaffir lime leaves later, I sealed the foil and placed in the bamboo steamer for about 15 minutes.

It was so tasty, flaked and melted off the skin and had soaked up all the gorgeous Thai combination of flavours. Not only did he love it, I now have a great new recipe which I will use for a variety of fish types over the next few months until I have got him asking if we can have fish for dinner every week!

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