This Valentine’s Day we got an opportunity. My in-laws agreed to take our little sproglet for a niiiiiiice long Sunday lunchtime walk so we could sneak off and grab a bite together. As they live ‘over that way’ we thought we’d take the opportunity to try out Prashad!

You may think it was an odd choice for a Sunday lunch time, not to mention a broad daylight Valentine’s venue…and I suppose it was, but those of you with munchkins will know you have to snatch these chances when you get them, and I’ve been desperate to try out their infamous Thali for years now.

To understand what Thali is, simply think ‘medley’. It’s essentially a full meal on one plate. Made up of a couple of nibbly starters to whet your appetite, one or two mains to sample, some sides, sundries and even a dessert, this gives you a platter of spice sensations you will enjoy so much that you won’t even notice the absence of meat!

When our Thali’s arrived I was excited by how many different elements I had to work my way through, and this was doubled when Dom and I realised we’d been given different dishes! Clever Bobby! (That’s Kaushy, the original owner’s son who now runs the restaurant). He clearly knows how we Brits love to dine when it comes to Indian food – variety and sharing.

I wish I’d had the foresight to get the waiter to write down everything which was on our Thali plates, but truth be told I was too busy trying to discreetly take photos with my new fancy camera without looking like ‘a blogger’.

I really enjoyed the service and the decor of Prashad, the team there have really brought the Indian dining experience up to date, but would like to return perhaps in the evening when there is a bit more intimacy in the atmosphere. Ironically for Valentines Day, and despite the corner table upstairs where they’d say us (where all the other white people were!), I felt quite exposed; even a little observed.

Overall it was a great meal – a little break from parenthood for us and some beautiful food. We’ll definitely go back…one evening!

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