Lentil Daal


There are times in life when another trip to the supermarket that week would just be about enough to tip you over the edge and ruin your desire to ever cook again.

This Thursday was one of those times.

Despite my usual Sunday afternoons being filled with meal planning and a weekly trip to our local Morrison’s, with every intention to ”make it last the week”, I somehow manage to find an excuse to hit those shelves another three times a week at least. A missing ingredient or a last minute mind change can really start to make you feel like you might as well just move into the fruit and veg aisle.

Summoning my inner chef though, this week I forced myself to raid the cupboards and see what I could rustle up. With two cupboards full of a random mish-mash of tinned and dried ingredients – surely I can do this!

I started with an old tin of lentils, then discovered a tin of tomatoes hiding at the back and started to get inspired… A few teaspoons of randomly guessed spices later and I was pretty impressed – a lentil daal style dish that I managed to pad out with a grated carrot and flaked almond salad, and some naan breads from the freezer.

So, incase you”re ever stuck and have a tin of lentils laying around, here is my cheap and healthy winter recipe:


olive oil
1 small onion – finely chopped
1 clove garlic – crushed
1 heaped tsp garam masala
1 heaped tsp mild curry powder
1 heaped tsp turmeric
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 tin of lentils – drained and rinsed
1 tbsp tomato puree
pinch of salt & pepper
fresh coriander or flat leaf parsley if you have it

Add the oil, onion and then garlic to the pan and soften until golden

Add all the spices and stir until you have a spicy onion paste

Pour in the tin of tomatoes and when warmed through tip in the rinsed lentils

Finally squeeze in the tomato puree and stir through

Season and leave to simmer for a few minutes – then, when you’re ready, sprinkle withe the fresh herbs and dish up!

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