How to Make Bread



One of the human race’s dietary staples, and yet at 3 hours prep and 40+ minutes cooking time, I’m surprised we’ve persevered with it as much as we have!

Ciabatta, focaccia, pitta, baguette… the list is endless, so when you finally get that oh-so-rare free few hours on a Sunday, decide that only home-made will do, where on earth do you start?

By assumption if you are reading this, like me you probably turn to the internet, an abundance of bread recipes and now with those Fabulous Baker Brothers gallivanting all over Channel 4 (and Bristol), are we to believe that we can all become Master Bakers?

Of course not, even a skilled hand needs practise, trial and error to get the hang of dough consistency, kneading, rising. But we all have to start somewhere, and my tactic here was right at the beginning.

Gizzy Erskine to the rescue.

Gizzy’s basic batch loaf video recipe was easy to follow, inexpensive and the processes meant I was leaving the bread for hour-long stints at a time, whilst I prepped a moussakka, hoovered the carpets and generally went about my Sunday usuals. Perfect!

Although she uses white bread flour, I do have a personal issue with following recipes and always have to alter at least one thing (usually so I can blame that when it all goes wrong), but in this instance, swapping that for wholemeal seeded flour made for a rustic, hearty and healthy loaf.

It turned out pretty well and dipped in good extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar whilst it was still warm was the ultimate wintery Sunday treat – same time next week!

Click here to watch Gizzy Erskine’s video recipe on Channel 4.

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