How to Balance Thai Flavours


You will have undoubtedly heard many TV chefs talking about the four elements of most Asian cuisine – sweet, salty, spicy and sour.

The sour elements of Thai food comes mainly from ingredients such as tomatoes, tamarind and limes to name but a few. The sour Thai ingredients will often form the flavour base of your dish. Think of the rest simply as seasoning. Here are a few tricks to draw the most out of these delicious Thai and Asian flavours:

Too sweet? Add a little bit of fish sauce, only a tiny bit at a time though
Too salty? Add some basil, as much as you want! The more the better in my opinion!
Too spicy? Add some sugar, just a teaspoon or so and this will take the burn off the chillies
Not spicy enough? Add some fresh chilli, remove the seeds and slice it how you like it or alternatively soak some dried chillies in warm water for around 10 minutes before finely slicing and adding to your dish.

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