Home Made Pizza – Let Battle Commence


The last time I was challenged in the kitchen, I lost – it was a pumpkin carving competition and my boyfriend’s disturbingly life-like carving of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas was, I hate to say, a masterpiece…

I’m happy to admit that my home made pizza skills are far more blog worthy…

My first tip would be to take the extra time to make your own base, I am yet to find a pre-made base which doesn’t taste like cardboard. I was a first timer too but using a simple internet recipe, found this very easy.

Also, be prepared for a bit of mess, especially if there are two of you going for it at the same time! If your base recipe calls for pouring your wet ingredients in to a well in the flour, make sure that well it as tight as you can get it and be patient when rolling: if you’ve made the base right, it will be really elastic and need perseverance.

The best part of the flavour comes through the sauce topping – here’s my version:

1 x garlic clove – crushed
1 x anchovy fillet
5 x cherry tomatoes + 1 x large tomato – chopped small
1 x teaspoon of dried oregano
2 x teaspoon of sun dried tomato paste


Warm some olive oil in a small shallow pan and melt in the anchovy fillet. Add the crushed garlic and when slightly coloured add the fresh tomatoes.

Sprinkle in the oregano and add the sundried tomato paste. The anchovy fillet will provide a salty hit but season to taste.

When you are happy with the shape of your rolled out base, pop in the oven for 5 minutes on 180 degrees to firm up.

Finish by spreading over your topping sauce to your partly baked base, and decorate with any toppings your heart desires!

My choice: anchovy, red onion, black olives, capers, mozzarella, chilli and parsley (add once cooked)
Dom’s choice: chicken, sweet onion marmalade, red onion, chilli, goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes

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