Herby Butternut Squash Soup


I’ve been craving butternut squash soup for weeks now. I’ve never really been a soup-maker – Heinz has always done the trick. But surely it’s one of the simplest things to master? So I’ve started doing a bit of research.

Good Food is usually my go-to site for trying to make anything new but every time I look for a butternut squash soup recipe, they are full of cream/ double cream/ creme fraiche which is a big no-no giving that my other half if lactose intolerant. So here is my dairy free butternut squash soup recipe which is flavoured with a big dose of rosemary, seriously warming and seriously good.


1 Butternut squash – halved & seeds scraped out
1 pint chicken stock
1 onion
1tbsp extra virgin olive oil
50g Pure olive spread
3 stalks of fresh rosemary – chopped
Black pepper
Fresh parsley – chopped

Lay the two butternut squash halves on a baking tray and roast for 45 minutes

Scoop out the flesh and put into a bowl, set aside

Finely chop the onion whilst warming the oil and Pure spread in a large saucepan

Add the onion to the pan and fry until soft and golden

Add the chopped rosemary to the onions and stir well to release the flavour and fragrance – this will make your kitchen smell amazing!

Tip in the butternut squash and mix well – when the squash re-warms you should be able to lightly mash this in the pan with your spoon

Set the pan aside to let the mixture cool

Meanwhile make your stock and allow to cool to luke warm

Add both the stock and the butternut squash mixture to a liquidiser, and blitz for a minute or so – stir and blitz again to create your soup

Add the soup back to the pan and heat up

Serve with cracked black pepper and chopped fresh parsley and mop up with some warm crusty bread – YUM!

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