Guacamole in Mexico


By day 6 I had answered my own question‚ how much food can I eat before I physically explode? Just short of being hospitalised with a ruptured stomach, our gourmet all-inclusive in Mexico had got the better of me.

With 6 a la carte restaurants I was desperate to try every item on every menu and have a Masterchef style ‘taste’ of it all. But our dinner etiquette meant it was a starter, main and pud if you fancied. So instead we systematically worked our way through all 6 restaurants, breakfast bars, omelette stations and lunch buffets.

Finally it was the Mexican restaurant on site, La Carreta, where we overdosed on enough meat and carbs to feed the entire Ejercito Mexicano! It just kept coming: corn bread, tomato bread, huge plates of nachos with all the trimmings, cactus salad, chicken fajitas, fillets of fish, re-fried beans…

The highlight for me though, now the memory of my belly ache has subsided, was the gorgeous guacamole served up with salted tortilla chips and fresh tomato salsa. This guacamole had the perfect blend of smooth dip with big meaty chunks of ripe green avocado. Probably the dish we instantly think of when we think of Mexican cuisine, La Carreta had a great version

The following day, the resort’s entertainment team let us in on the secret guacamole recipe during an afternoon cookery class. My take on this is a little more generous on the assisting flavours, rightly or wrongly I think you need to be smacked in the mouth with all six accompaniments to make it a real party piece.

To make this fresh and luxurious avocado dip you will need:

5 large very ripe avocados
2 cloves of garlic‚ crushed
1 red chilli‚ finely chopped
1 green chilli‚ finely chopped
2 limes – halved
Handful of fresh coriander‚ finely chopped

This recipe couldn’t be easier‚ start by mashing up your avocados in a bowl, throw in the garlic and chillies, squeeze in all 4 halves of lime, stir in the coriander and then add salt to taste.

You should be left with a creamy, spicy, zesty fragrant dip which still retains some meaty chunks of avocado‚ just firm enough to be able to scoop a mound on to a crispy salty tortilla chip!

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