Garlic Bread


Love garlic bread? Me too. But occasionally I just can’t bring myself to put another frozen, sliced pre-buttered baguette in the oven, as yummy as they are, sometimes you just want RUSTIC!

For a great rustic alternative to a garlic baguette, treat yourself to a fresh batch loaf from the bakery. Find some large garlic bulbs, surprisingly Costcutter have the biggest and best I have found. Slice the top off the entire bulb of garlic and roast in the oven for around 45 – 50 minutes until the cloves are brown, sweet and sticky. Then you can just scoop them out with your knife and spread warm straight onto your bread, so delicious and takes away the calories from the butter!

Top tip: put the bulbs in the sections of a Yorkshire pudding tray and fill half full with water ‚Äì this will protect the bottom of the garlic bulb, and help to steam them whilst they’re cooking.

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