Food as Gifts


Giving food as gifts can be a fantastic way to keep the cost of Christmas presents down, but also to show off your culinary skills to your nearest and dearest!

Mince pies, Christmas puddings and panetonne are all great options for taking to parties or pulling out of the bag on Christmas eve/Christmas day with the in-laws. But if you’re thinking about sending a little token to those further away, it’s better to go for a jam, preserve or chutney.

Collect your empty jars throughout the year and buy some pretty labels to ensure you get pride of place in any relie’s cupboard above the kettle!

I did this last year with blackberries. A bit of greaseproof paper around the lid with an elastic band gives a ‚”homely” look and a personalised label will have your gran thinking you’ve walked straight out of the Masterchef kitchen.

For a savoury alternative, try this courgette chutney. It’s a little bit exotic but still moorishly sweet. I made this for my mum’s Mother’s Day gift this year and baked her a fresh loaf of country grain bread to spread it all over! Had I not arrived at her house to find her making bread, this would have been a lot more effective I’m sure, but the chutney went down a treat and keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

Food is a great way to bake, stir and fold your love into your Christmas presents – give it a go for 2012!

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