Easy Peasy Pesto


When all you need is fast, easy, home-cooked comfort food – it has to be pesto covered pasta every time.

The simple notion that you are craving said fast, easy and home-cooked comfort food probably means you’ve had a rubbish day at work. Not only will you love this flavourful & glossy pasta sauce, but will take great pleasure in bashing the crap out of all your ingredients with a pestle and mortar!

Start by roughly tearing up a whole bunch (or plant) of basil.

Pound this to a deep emerald green mulch in your pestle and mortar (a big granite one will do all the hard work for you and can be picked up for £15 from TK Maxx!)

To this add a handful of pine nuts which you’ve already toasted for a few minutes in a dry pan and a large pinch of salt and pepper.

Carefully pound these to create a dry paste.

Add a large glug of good extra virgin olive oil and stir.

Grate in a small handful of parmesan and pound a bit more until you have a thick shiny paste – add more olive oil to loosen if needed.

Serve mixed into or drizzled over your favourite pasta – try spinach and ricotta filled ravioli, or simply boiled sheets of lasagne (silk handkerchiefs).


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