Discovering Leon


The first time I ever knew of Leon was when the front cover of the stunningly striking recipe book caught my eye whilst I was queuing up at the express checkout in Waitrose. I had assumed it was a ponsy French cook book, you know the kind: technical cooking requiring a set of scales in every recipe, unashamedly disguised as rustic country living.

How wrong I was! The next time I was to see the book, I was completely taken aback. I had been on Strand at a meeting with a client and we had popped into the corner cafe for a quick bite to eat. The food was fantastic – smugly healthy with enough dressing and flavoursome sauces to make it feel like a treat. As I was leaving thinking about what a great find it was, I walked past an obscurely placed bookshelf and realised where I was.

The concept behind Leon is “If God made fast food”, born from Henry and John’s vision of a nutritious and low GI but FAST restaurant and takeaway.

Leon have two books published, both excellent eye candy on the book shelf and both equally useful. The first is an encyclopaedia of ingredients and how to shop the good stuff. The second, a huge influence on me gastronomically and creatively, is a scrap book from how to stock your pantry to how to make a fabulous cocktail, and is well worth a purchase.

Here is one of their fast food recipes from the owner himself…

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