Cinema Treat Cheats


A trip to the movies can be a pricey business these days – when you add up a VIP 3D ticket with a couple of yummy treats (popcorn, ice cream etc) then drinks you’re talking upwards of £30. For me, a movie ticket is money well spent but when I have to handover £5+ for a small popcorn or £3 for a bag of Maltesers, I draw the line! So here is my little movie food pack that I never go to the cinema without:

2 bags Butterkist microwave popcorn – microwave it at home before you go!
Bag of Maltesers
2 small bags of Doritos and a jar of salsa (so you can put the lid back on and take home what you don’t eat)
Drinks wise, go for a couple of small bottles of Diet Coke, if you choose a couple of Peronis remember to take a bottle opener, or why not just take a flask of wine and some plastic cups?!

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