Beetroot Brownies

Beetroot Brownies

I have had the January Waitrose magazine in my house now for a week and haven’t even turned the cover page. It’s one of my guilty pleasures and one I like to get really cosy and comfy before I settle into reading. Gone are the pre-baby days when I used to sit outside in the garden on a sunny saturday afternoon with a large glass of rosè, reading cover to cover in one sitting (usually followed by a mad dash back to Waitrose to pick up ingredients for a newly inspired dish). Now I wait… I wait until Jackson is asleep, until I have swept up the craziness of the day and piled it into the toy box/dishwasher/washing machine, until I have cooked our tea and Dom is nicely settled into some evening work. Then I read.

This week however I have been absolutely shattered and barely even glanced at the cover before falling asleep! But what a cover it is. Popped with the bright crimson pink of beetroot soup and flecked with contrasting greens to brighten up our January coffee tables.

When my mum asked me to bake something for this Sunday’s family dinner, I turned to the cover for my inspiration and dug out the recipe for beetroot brownies, a firm family favourite. You could be fooled into thinking they were a ‘new year, new me’ baking choice given the whole pack of cooked beetroot which features. But sadly not, they are laced with butter, sugar and dark chocolate all of which give a fudgy, rich indulgence, with an earthy flavour hit from the rich beets.

The beetroot flavour is subtle but the grated red root gives a moistness to these little brownie bites which will make you reach for them time and time again, just like we do!

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